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No fairytale finish for Helen Glover after the mother of all comebacks

Usain Bolt redefined what is possible by running the 100m in 9.69 seconds, Nadia Comaneci did it by scoring perfect 10s, Michael Phelps by winning eight gold medals at one

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Powerful new ovarian cancer treatments may benefit more patients

WEHI researchers have made a discovery that could help more Australian women with ovarian cancer gain access to game-changing cancer treatments called PARP inhibitors. The research team found tumors from

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Samsung considering another Texas location for $17 bln chip factory

Samsung Electronics has applied for tax breaks to potentially build its planned $17 billion U.S. chip factory in a location in Texas other than Austin, where it has an existing

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Google sets all-time records as search and YouTube profits soar

Last quarter, Google roared out of the post-pandemic-peak period with a record $17.9 billion in profit, finally joining other tech giants that had been raking it in despite (or perhaps

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Make-up brushes could be causing your acne and other skin problems, says expert

Cleaning our make-up brushes is one of those tasks that always get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list, which means that they end up not being washed as

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