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Every day it seems a new life hack or tip goes viral online and makes us feel like we’ve been doing just about everything ‘wrong’ all these years – and the latest is to do with Nutella

If you love Nutella and are constantly running out and buying more jars of the chocolate hazelnut spread, then you’re going to want to keep reading.

That’s because one foodie has recently shared what they believe to be the ‘correct’ way to eat the sweet treat – and the method has caused a stir with people.

The jar hack was shared on Reddit’s Life Pro Tips forum, by a Nutella fan who says their girlfriend taught them all about it.

Posted by the user named UD_Ramirez9, he brands the tip “mind-blowing”.

The post reads: “My girlfriend taught me this. I found it hard to believe at first but it works time and time again.

“If you only take from the center of the Nutella jar, the thickness of the Nutella stuck to the glass will pull it down. This will cause the sides to be perfectly clean by the next day.

“I suspect it is because of the cohesion of the Nutella pulling down the remains, and/or the thickness keeping the residue from drying out and sticking to the glass.

“Either way, I was surprised to see her trick works really well. No endless scratching to get the remains out by the end, except for the very bottom.

“I know, right? Mind blown.”

More than 800 people have commented on the Reddit post to share their thoughts.

Many were quick to point out that the poster was from the US and that the hack didn’t work for those living outside of the US as Nutella there contained different ingredients.

However, one foodie did kindly confirm that the tip does work with Nutella in the UK.

They said: “Works on UK Nutella. At uni my weapon of choice was a full on dessert spoon. All you need to adjust is the ambient temp. I’d say 16 degrees was enough for the UK stuff.”