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A “struggling” year 12 student penned a passive-aggressive note to a bagpiper after they played the instrument for eight days straight, begging them to take a break

A student has hit out a keen musician after the sound of their bagpipe left her unable to focus on her studies.

After listening to the music for eight days straight, Lily Plummer had unsurprisingly had enough.

So she wrote a letter addressed to the bagpiper and stuck it to a fence in Petersham Park in Sydney where she begged for them to take a break ‘every now and then’.

She also drew a picture of a red bagpipe to ensure there was no confusion as to who the message was for.

It read: “Dear Bagpiper, I understand lockdown is hard and we all need a creative outlet. However, it’s been 8 days and I’m not sure how much more bagpiping I can take.

“Please consider taking a day off every now and then, it would be greatly appreciated.”

They finished the note by adding: “Sincerely, a struggling Year 12 student.”

In the corner of the note they had drawn a picture of bagpipes and wrote: “If you play this instrument, this is for you.”

The photo, originally shared on Facebook, has since been re-posted on Twitter, with one mum confessing it was their daughter who was behind the note.

She tweeted: “Haha my daughter wrote this! HSC + lockdown + recurring bagpipes = stress.”

Twitter users were empathetic of her situation and said the musician could practice at home.

One person said: “There is no need for that noise. If a bagpiper wishes to practice they can do it at home just using their chanter (in a room with windows and door closed),” while another added: “The practice chanter doesn’t replace getting the pipes out. You will be pleased to hear there are electronic practice chanters w headphone jacks!”

A third joked: “He’s killing me, does anyone know how to deflate a bagpipe?”

But someone else said: “I could listen to bagpipes all day.”

And talking of how the letter was written, one Twitter user remarked: “So polite and respectful. Hope whoever wrote it does well.”

After finding out her note had been shared online, Lily explained why she wrote the letter.

“I am actually the one who wrote this note (downloaded Twitter to see this) and I don’t mind bagpipes! The player is definitely a beginner and I understand they need to practice it’s just hard in the middle of the day while I study for HSC! No hate to bagpipes though.”