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A father said he had to discipline his son and chose to cancel his birthday after he deliberately ruined a jumper that had belonged to his brother-in-law, who tragically died

A dad said that he had to discipline his son and cancelled his birthday – after the young boy desecrated the memory of his step-brother who tragically died at a young age.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he had one son, Leo, 16, from a previous relationship but had married another woman who herself had two sons, Connor, 20, and Derek, 12.

Sadly Connor had passed away and Derek was understandably devastated, grieving the loss for years and holding onto his older brother’s possessions – including a jumper he had worn.

Then one day, Leo had decided to cut up the jumper, leaving it in tatters, saying it would ‘help him move on in life’, and the speechless dad had no choice but to discipline his son.

Sharing his story on Reddit, the dad said: “Days ago, Leo wanted to hang out with friends and asked Derek if he wanted to join. Derek agreed and put on Connor’s hoodie before going out.

“Leo commented on the hoodie and called it ugly and asked him to put on something else but Derek insisted on wearing it or not go. Leo dropped it.

“Hours later Derek came home crying with his hoodie in hand. He said Leo and his friends cut it into pieces while he was in the bathroom after they convinced him to take it off.

“I was furious. I asked Leo and he said it was his friend’s idea, then said he had to do it since Derek wears it everywhere and it looked old and embarrassing.

“I reminded him who this hoodie belonged to and he said, ‘so what, maybe this will help him move on in life’. I told him his birthday was cancelled and his friends aren’t welcome anymore.

“He pitched a fit saying his birthday was a right, not a privilege and I can’t cancel it. He had my ex criticize my decision and wanted to host his birthday party but I refused because he’s grounded so no party anywhere.

“She and her family called me awful and ridiculous and asked me to think how Leo will hate me for this but I insisted he needed punishment for putting his stepbrother through this.”

After sharing his story online, other Reddit users commented on the post and said the dad was right to punish his son – and some suggested the boy needs professional help.

One said: “That’s a cruel, cruel thing to do. At 16 your son did that a bereaved 12 year old, perhaps seek therapy for him?”

“You’re a calmer man than me” added a second user. “If my 16-year-old son did that, I would have lost my mind. What he and his friends did was horrific and they need to be shown how terrible it was.”

While a third added: “Leo needs to be disciplined for this. Since Derek still has the pieces of the hoodie, could it possibly be turned into a memory bear for him?

“I’ve heard of people making bears and pillows out of old shirts. It would allow him to keep the hoodie. If you can do this, I’d make Leo pay for the cost.”